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Touching Lives – magazine cover and credits, links to all articles

Easter by Mike Moore – the true meaning of this special holiday

Family Life by John Howell, Jr. – “Stretching the Heart,” the blessings and responsibilities of having a child

Front Porch Living by Jessica Moore Otto – We as believers are #Blessed regardless of the status of our health or wealth.

Who is This? – Quinn Hill explores what it must have been like to be in the boat with Jesus during a violent storm.

My Testimony – by Donna Walker, how she found salvation in Christ Jesus despite the contortions in her life

Drinking from the Saucer – a poem by John Moore written in 1970

History’s Stories – a look at a pioneer in the medium of Christian radio broadcasting, Paul Rader

A Lesson from God’s Word by Dick Hill, a glimpse of God’s amazing treasure

My Marriage Lasted Longer Than My Ring – by Tanya Moore, a lifetime of ring-wearing memories

Well Said notable quotes

Knowing the Unknowable God – the Apostle Paul’s good news

A Glimpse of The Christ – a book by Dick Hill revealing the truth of magnificent person and work of Jesus Christ

Glimpses of Grace Conference 2018 – We invite you to join us for our 5th annual Bible Conference to be held June 1-2 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Jackson, MS