Why is the new birth necessary? And how does it happen? What does it mean to believe? What is the gospel anyway? Why was it necessary that Jesus Christ be the God-Man? Who was Melchizedek? How do we know that the Bible is the word of God? Many glimpses of God’s marvelous grace can be found within the pages of His word.

Glimpses of Grace exists to make difficult Bible truth understandable. Within the pages of this site you will discover simple answers to many of your hard Bible questions. You will receive the tools that you need to help you mature in your faith.

Our mission is to communicate simply the worth and work of the Lord Jesus Christ and to equip believers to serve Him. A vital part of this ministry is our commitment of teaching and motivating believers to share the gospel confidently and clearly. Articles, books, and sermons on this website will help you in your discovery of glimpses of grace.

It is our desire to help you discover the wealth of word-by-word and verse-by-verse Bible truth that fills the heart with God’s treasure chest of heavenly wisdom. The Holy Spirit uses a knowledge of these treasures to motivate Christians to ponder heavenly things and to live spiritually productive lives.


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