Romans 1:1, The Apostle Paul
Romans 1:1, What is the Gospel?
Romans 1:2, God’s Word Received
Romans 1:2, God’s Word Planted
Romans 1:2, God’s Word Taught
Romans 1:3-4, The Son of God – Born/Declared
Romans 1:4, The Resurrection of Christ
Romans 1:5-6, The Called of God
Romans 1:7-9, Grace, Peace, and Faith
Romans 1:9-10, Paul’s Great Witness
Romans 1:11-17, Righteousness
Romans 1:17a, The Righteousness of God Revealed
Romans 1:17b, From Faith to Faith
Romans 1:17b, The Just Shall Live By Faith
Romans 1:18-20, The Wrath of God
Romans 1:21-23, Foolish Wisdom
Romans 1:24-31, God Gave Them Over
Romans 1:32-2:3, Moral Man Without Excuse
Romans 2:4-5, Repentance
Romans 2:6-7, Eternal Life: Glory, Honor, & Immortality
Romans 2:8-16, Moral Man Condemned
Romans 3:1-4, What Advantage Has the Jew?
Romans 3:5-9, Does Good Come From Our Evil?
Romans 3:10-18, None Are Righteous
Romans 3:19-20, The Purpose of the Law
Romans 3:21-23, But Now. . .Righteousness
Romans 3:24-26, Propitiation
Romans 3:27-31, Justification by Faith
Romans 4:1-5, Faith Minus Works
Romans 4:6-12, Faith Minus Circumcision
Romans 4:13-16, Faith Minus the Law
Romans 4:17-25, Imputation
Romans 5:1-5, Faith, Hope, Love
Romans 5:6-11, Reconciliation
Romans 5:12-14, In Adam vs. In Christ
Romans 5:15-21, Much More
Romans 6:1-3, Identified with Christ’s Death
Romans 6:4-11, Crucified with Christ
Romans 6:10-17, Free from the Mastery of Sin
Romans 6:18-23, Slaves of Righteousness
Romans 7:1-6, Free from Law
Romans 7:7-12, The Purpose for the Law
Romans 7:13-25, The Law of Sin and Death
Romans 8:1-8, The Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus
Romans 8:9-17, If Sons then Heirs
Romans 8:16-18, Suffering with Christ
Romans 8:18-23a, Creation Groans
Romans 8:23b-27, Believers Groan, the Spirit Groans
Romans 8:28, For We Know that God
Romans 8:28, Causes All Things
Romans 8:28, To Work Together
Romans 8:28, For Good
Romans 8:29, The Foreknowledge of God
Romans 8:29, Predestined
Romans 8:29-30, Called, Justified, Glorified
Romans 8:31-9:9, Life is Based on a Promise
Romans 9:10-18, God’s Sovereignty
Romans 9:19-21, The Potter
Romans 9:22-33, The Potter’s Privilege
Romans 10:1-13, Righteousness Received by Faith
Romans 10:14-21, Faith Comes by Hearing
Romans 11:1-11, Sovereign Grace
Romans 11:12-26a, Wild Olive Branch
Romans 11:25-36, Israel Restored
Romans 12:1-2, Living Sacrifice
Romans 12:3-21 (poor recording)
Romans 13:1-7, God and Government
Romans 13:8-14, Love Your Neighbor
Romans 14:1-12, Do Not Judge Others
Romans 14:13-23, Growing Weak Believers
Romans 15, Imitate Christ
Romans 16, Mark Your Friends and Your Enemies