Revelation 1:1-4a, Intro and 7 Blessings of Revelation
Revelation 1:4b-7, Revealing Characteristics of Christ
Revelation 1:7-13, The Alpha and the Omega
Revelation 1:13-20, The High Priest and the 7 Churches
Revelation 2:1-11, The Churches at Ephesus & Smyrna
Revelation 2:12-17,  The Church at Pergamum
Revelation 2:18-29, The Church at Thyatira
Revelation 3:1-6, The Church at Sardis
Revelation 3:7-13, The Church at Philadelphia
Revelation 3:14-22, The Church at Laodicea
Revelation 4, Intro – 70th Week of Daniel
Revelation 4, The Throne in Heaven
Revelation 5, The Lamb and the Scroll
Revelation 6:1-2, First Seal – Rider on White Horse
Revelation 6:3-8, Second, Third and Fourth Seals
Revelation 6:9-11, Fifth Seal
Revelation 6:12-17, Sixth Seal
Revelation 7:1-8, The 144,000 Jewish Witnesses
Revelation 7:9-14, Tribulation Saints
Revelation 7:13-8:13, Seventh Seal/First Four Trumpets
Revelation 9:1-12, Fifth Trumpet
Revelation 9:13-10:11, 6th Trumpet, The Little Book
Revelation 11:1-14, The Two Witnesses
Revelation 11:15-21, 7th Trumpet
Revelation 12:1-6, War on Earth
Revelation 12:7-12, War in Heaven
Revelation 12:13-17, War on Earth
Revelation 13:1-4, The Beast
Revelation 13:4-10, The Dragon
Revelation 13:11-18, The False Prophet
Revelation 14, Preview of the Bowl Judgments
Revelation 15, The Vengeance, Character, and Future plan of God
Revelation 16:1-11, The First Five Bowl Judgments
Revelation 16:12-21, The 6 Stages of the Second Coming of Christ
Revelation 17, Babylon the Great
Revelation 18, Judgment of Babylon the Great
Revelation 19:1-13, The Second Coming of Christ
Revelation 19:13-21, The Word of God
Revelation 20:1-10, One Thousand Years
Revelation 20:11-15, Great White Throne Judgment
Revelation 21:1-5, The New Heaven and the New Earth
Revelation 21:6-21, The New Jerusalem
Revelation 21:22-22:5, The New Jerusalem
Revelation 22:6-21, Blessings and Warnings