I See CD


Featuring the songs:

  1. O Glorious Love
  2. I See
  3. So Trust Christ
  4. Day by Day
  5. Looking Through His Eyes
  6. The Love of God
  7. You Can Be There
  8. Son Rise
  9. He Looked Beyond My Fault/Amazing Grace
  10. He Touched My Eyes
  11. When He Was on the Cross, I Was on His Mind
  12. My Christian Friend
Produced by David K. Shipley; Co-produced by Charlie Murphey; Recorded and Mastered by Foxwood Mastering; Bass – Toni Sehulster and Don Smith; Drums – Rick Lonow; Guitars – Mike Loudermilk; Piano and Keyboard – Dennis Burnside; Orchestral Overdubs – Charlie Murphey; Background Vocals – Kim Morrison