A Glimpse of Romans


No single New Testament book has made more of an impact on the church of Jesus Christ than Paul’s letter to the Roman Christians. Romans has been the spiritual compass holding a steady needle pointing to the truth of the gospel of God’s magnificent grace and the immense value of the Christian’s life. This book, wielded by the Spirit of God, has never wavered.  It stands true, teaching that a sinner is declared forever right before a holy God by grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone. Along with Paul’s letter to the Galatians, Romans was used by Martin Luther to light the fuse leading to the resurfacing and explosion of the gospel of grace around the world.

One word seems to stand out in Romans exposing the very backbone of the good news of Jesus Christ that this gospel carries. It is the Greek word dikaiosune, which is translated “righteousness” in Romans 1:17. The God of the Bible is a God of absolute righteousness, and He demands righteousness from everyone who will live eternally with Him. How is this righteousness received? That is the eternal question. This book answers this question along with many others.