GOG Conference

2020 Conference Messages

What’s the Problem? by Ken Sheppard

(video link)

Ministry Update by Dick Hill

Fear, Faith, and Righteousness by Danny Forrest

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Peace at Last by Dick Hill

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Peace at Last, part 2 by Dick Hill 


2018 Conference Messages

Testimony by Mike Moore

“Why do we need to distinguish between justification and sanctification?” by Ken Sheppard

“The Balancing Act of Life” by Ken Sheppard

“But from There” by Dick Hill

“The Great Rescue” by Dick Hill


2017 Conference Messages
Testimony by Butch Simmons
“Saving Grace” by John Howell
“Living Grace” by Quinn Hill
“Falling from Grace” by Danny Forrest
“Equipping Grace” by Dick Hill


2016 Conference Messages

Session 1: The Holiness of God

Session 2: The Fear of God, the God Nobody Wants

Session 3: The Glory of God (The Light Came In)

Session 4: The Character of God


2015 Conference Messages

Defining the Wall by John Howell, Jr.

Manning the Wall by Danny Forrest (recording failure)

Building a Wall by Dick Hill

The Strength of the Wall by Ken Sheppard

Defending the Wall by Quinn Hill

Evaluating the Strength of the Wall by Ken Sheppard