Psalm 2 helps me to make sense of the surging spiritual rebellion and rage that we are seeing at present. The international news is bleak, with daily incoming news of wars, with the accompanying death and horror, and additional news of hostile military planning and posturing by nations hostile to my country. The moral state of my nation is also bleak, with new evidence daily of the rapidly intensifying rebellion against the eternal truths of Scripture. All of the official functioning of our nation—our government, education, trade, and official activities—are “against the LORD and His Anointed, saying, ‘Let us break their bonds in pieces and cast away their cords from us” (Ps. 2:2b-3).

Here at home in rural Mississippi, it’s not much better. With little or no spiritual training, the youth chase the fleeting, destructive pleasures of sin. Adults sweat and strive, chasing many of these same deceptive pleasures, and expend our lives laying up treasures here on earth, for moth and rust ultimately to destroy. And (my opinion) most of the professing Christian inhabitants of my town slumber along spiritually.  

This rebellion against God seems to be moving toward a boiling point, to a level of provocation that will bring forth His prophesied, strong, wrathful judgment (described in Psalm 2). I can’t tell you when. No one can, as the timing of that move is guarded by the Father, who extends His mercy and grace to sinners until the latest possible moment. 

To try to stay on track with my ministry and priorities, I try to look at the current conditions by using a little sanctified imagination. I try to imagine myself being on the great ocean liner Titanic on the night of April 14, 1912. There is the horrific sound of the steel being gashed by an iceberg. Most of the passengers tell themselves, “That sounds bad, but it’s going to be ok—the Titanic is unsinkable.” Many passengers continue to enjoy the luxury cruise. But I know better. I already know the outcome. This ship is going down, with much destruction! So I’m thinking: “Now is the time to get as many people on the lifeboats as possible. No time to try to repair the ship! No time to enjoy the renowned food and music of this great ship! Get to the lifeboats! Get to the lifeboats!” 

The Bible tells us that God will one day move mightily against the worldwide rebellion and its leaders: “He shall speak to them in His wrath” (v. 5) and “break them with a rod of iron” (v. 9). But the Father leaves His people here until the last possible moment, as witnesses of Christ, to be fully engaged in getting out the gospel! Getting out the good news that eternal life is available through Jesus Christ and His finished work on the cross, where He died to pay for our sins! 

Oh God, please continue to extend Your mercy by giving us time, and dear friends, please come to Jesus Christ and receive God’s gift of eternal life by simple faith in Jesus Christ. Christ Himself on the cross paid your sin debt to God, and through faith in Christ you can receive God’s gracious gift of eternal life! Don’t wait! Get to the Lifeboat!