Generation Alpha Parenting

A 3-Part Series by John and Jennifer Howell

Parents! Churches! We’ve got a new set of challenges and new opportunities with Generation Alpha. Generation Alpha is a tag that is being applied to kids being born from 2010 until 2025.  Generation Z are the teens and young adults (between ages of 12 and 26), so Generation Alpha is the next wave. Parents and church leaders need to understand the world of “kids these days” and the rapidly changing culture. We need to be ready with a practical, biblically sound, gospel-driven plan to combat the threats that they will face in a culture that is becoming increasingly rebellious to the truths and principles of God’s Word. We need to be open to the changes that will be necessary to connect with the generation that is projected to be the largest generation in the history of the world, with the Generation Alpha bracket expected to reach 2 billion by 2025.1

Part 1: Gen Alpha—The Challenges They Face

Part 2: Gen Alpha—The Changes We (Adults) Must Make

Part 3: Gen Alpha—The Charge to Parents & the Church