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Summer will soon slip into fall. The air will begin to get a little crisper. People may have hot chocolate and wear sweaters.

We are approaching the season when leaves change, and footballs fill the air and pumpkins show up. And we have Labor Day.

Our challenges and problems do not take holidays or vacations. We all face things every day of the year. So often we ask our neighbor or relative or fellow employee what they think we should do. We may consult a book or a TV personality. Just because someone can get in a costume and mouth a written script and wear makeup, as TV and movie stars do, makes them no authority on our problems. A high school coach I once had always said, “Consider the source.”

We need God and His Word.
This is our sixth issue. If you have not met us before, please take time to read our previous issues. Even if you have seen our publication before, please note that past issues are still available on our website. You will find helpful columns, articles, testimonies, and other features.

We are grateful for our contributors. In this issue, check out all of the solid material we present—and share it with friends and family. God has given us the privilege of sharing truths from the Word.

Links to articles in this edition of the Glimpses Ezine:

A Lesson from God’s Word– by Dick Hill. A Glimpse of Life in the Kingdom, Part 2: Do Business Until I Come.

Dancing Around the Law– by Peter Bauer. What does it mean that we are not under the Law but grace? Does the Law have any significance to the believer?

Family Life– “Where Do Kids Fit In?” is the next installment in the series by John Howell, Jr.

Front Porch Living– by Jessica Moore Otto. “The Summer Missions Trip” takes a look at some things you need to know before you go or send.

Glimpses of Grace Summer Report– an update on the ministries of Glimpses of Grace

Good News– Nicodemus had questions about eternal life. Jesus had answers, and they are still good news today.

Half Past– by Mike Moore. Time is slipping away!

History’s Stories– A look at the history of the Rosetta Stone

Kingdom Stories– by Danny Forrest. “Escape from Jerusalem” is part 3 ofThe Great Rescue, stories leading up to the Second Coming of Christ.

Kinsman Redeemer– poetry by Shirley Brackett

Lament and Hope– by Justin Moore. Sermon taken from Lamentations 3:22-23.

Moore Thoughts– by Mike Moore. “God’s View,” what matters is not what others think of us but how God views us.

My Testimony– Gary Cochran shares how music has played an important role in his faith in his testimony, “Serve the Lord with Gladness.”

News Briefly Glimpsed– news items that do not appear in major newspapers or magazines. Used by permission.

Tanya’s Thoughts– by Tanya Moore. What does it mean to “regard wickedness in my heart?”

Well Said– notable quotes

What’s It Gonna Take?– by Dale Crawshaw. What do I have to do to be more God-centered and less me-centered?

A Glimpse of the Chosen– book by Dick Hill challenges readers to ponder the Bible’s teaching of election, which permeates the Word of God.



E-zine Volume 2, Issue 4



E-zine Volume 2, Issue 3

You will enjoy this issue’s articles on marriage and family, the testimony of a bow hunter, the lessons from God’s Word, and another installment in the Kingdom Stories series. Happy reading!

Not a Time for Silence – magazine cover and credits, links to all articles

Family Life by John Howell, Jr. – “Dad Loves Mom.” The number one priority in a family is the relationship between husband and wife.

Front Porch Living by Jessica Moore Otto – When does helping not help? Experience on the mission field in Guatemala was an eye opener.

My Testimony – Matt Steed shares his love of family, hunting, the Lord and His church and how he is putting them all together in his ministry.

Good News – the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ is so SIMPLE

What Does the Bible Say? – When studying the Bible, we need to take each verse in context. Ken Sheppard looks at Ephesians 2:8-9 in context with verse 10.

History’s Stories – Annie Armstrong is celebrated each year through a missions offering bearing her name for her efforts to promote prayer and giving for missions.

Tanya’s Thoughts – Tanya Moore explores the depths of the song and the reality of God’s Amazing Grace

Moore Thoughts – Mike Moore reflects on “Life and Death” following the recent death of loved ones

A Lesson from God’s Word – Dick Hill takes a look at some invisible spiritual truth which, when seen, becomes a real game changer in the Christian life.

Kingdom Stories – Danny Forrest continues his narration of what life could be like during the 1000 year reign of Jesus Christ.

News Briefly Glimpsed – News items that are not seen in major newspapers or magazines, used with permission.

A Glimpse of The Christian – book by Dick Hill seeks to clarify the true identity and nature of Christians to a world that has become hazy on this subject

Glimpses of Grace Conference 2018 – We invite you to join us for our 5th annual Bible Conference to be held June 1-2 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Jackson, MS. Flyer contains contact information.

Ikthoos Camp – 50+ years of sharing Christ with children and teenagers. Register now!

Well Said – notable quotes

E-zine Volume 2, Issue 2

Thank you for stopping by to browse our E-zine. This is our third issue. Click on the links to move through the articles or use the links on the magazine cover.

Touching Lives – magazine cover and credits, links to all articles

Easter by Mike Moore – the true meaning of this special holiday

Family Life by John Howell, Jr. – “Stretching the Heart,” the blessings and responsibilities of having a child

Front Porch Living by Jessica Moore Otto – We as believers are #Blessed regardless of the status of our health or wealth.

Who is This? – Quinn Hill explores what it must have been like to be in the boat with Jesus during a violent storm.

My Testimony – by Donna Walker, how she found salvation in Christ Jesus despite the contortions in her life

Drinking from the Saucer – a poem by John Moore written in 1970

History’s Stories – a look at a pioneer in the medium of Christian radio broadcasting, Paul Rader

A Lesson from God’s Word by Dick Hill, a glimpse of God’s amazing treasure

My Marriage Lasted Longer Than My Ring – by Tanya Moore, a lifetime of ring-wearing memories

Well Said notable quotes

Knowing the Unknowable God – the Apostle Paul’s good news

A Glimpse of The Christ – a book by Dick Hill revealing the truth of magnificent person and work of Jesus Christ

Glimpses of Grace Conference 2018 – We invite you to join us for our 5th annual Bible Conference to be held June 1-2 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Jackson, MS

A Glimpse of the Coming King

by Dick Hill

I am a fan of The Lord of the Rings series by J.R.R. Tolkien. My favorite of the three books is The Return of the King. I am always emotionally stirred by the words from the movie version of the book spoken by the white wizard, Gandolf, when he was finally placing the crown upon the head of Aragorn, the true king of Gondor. He said, “Now come the days of the king, and may they be blessed.”

There is coming a time when the King of this entire universe, the Lord Jesus Christ, will return to this earth and be crowned King over all of His created order. This small planet, so seemingly unimportant, will become the center of our God’s amazing plan for this universe. This universal reign will commence when Christ establishes a kingdom over a redeemed earth and reigns over it for a thousand years (Revelation 20:6–9). The Lord Jesus Christ will at that time turn this kingdom over to His Father, who will transform it into a new heaven and a new earth wherein will dwell righteousness forever.

The thousand-year segment of this everlasting kingdom will allow God to finally and forever demonstrate to the human race and the angelic realm that the only political system that will ever work for man is one in which God alone rules over the hearts of men. It will not be a democracy, nor a republic, nor socialism, nor communism. It will be the kingdom ruled over by our Lord Jesus Christ. Our Lord’s kingdom will place on display the immense value of the second member of the Holy Trinity. It will be a time for the Christ to have His day in the sun.

Just imagine a world dominated by what is right and fair. The new world will be ruled by a perfect government, bringing true peace on earth and good will toward men. All weapons of war will be remade into instruments for growing food. No nation will dare to be aggressive against other nations, and war will be no more. The curse from the Fall will be removed and the environment will be restored to the pre-fall beauty of the Garden of Eden. Wild animals will no longer eat each other in order to survive, and small children will have no fear of any of them. This will be a world ruled by a perfect and glorious ruler.

Imagine a time when there will be no fear of deadly natural disasters or uncontrollable diseases. Envision a time when every court will deliver perfect justice for every case, when truth will be established in every conflict, and when all who deceive will be exposed and swiftly judged. Picture a world where all children from every race and nationality will be fully educated by the King. Physical deformities and social, political, and religious oppression will be no more. All forms of slavery will be abolished.

Imagine a world where length of life will be restored, and the elderly will not grow feeble or lose their hearing or sight and will not fear Alzheimer’s disease or cancer but will grow old with clarity of mind and a sound body. Imagine a world where what is appropriate and right marks every aspect of life, including relationships between people, businesses, and governments. A world where there is absolute permanent peace, and that peace is enforced. A world filled with joy and good health, so much so that people live for hundreds of years.

The days will come when there will be such a world. These will be the days of the King.

The Lord’s prayer reveals the reality of a kingdom to come such as this. Jesus prayed to the Father, “Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth, as it is in heaven.” That powerful statement is evidence that God’s heavenly kingdom will come to earth.


This is an excerpt from the new book, A Glimpse of the Coming King, which has just been sent to the publisher. The book should be available in June. Please sign up for our e-zine so we can let you know when it is available. 

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