Keep the Music Coming

by Mike Moore

They serve in a small place. But the work they do is not small and it is very important. Dick and Linda serve God in Mississippi. They live near a small town and are busy writing books and articles and also work at a church in another nearby town.

Christians do not have to be in large cities among lots of people. They are to be a light in whatever spot they are placed. These two people are not a small candle-sized flame, they are like the light of a bonfire.

It is a great example. We go and work wherever He directs. He gives the strength and the results.

On the bulletin board in the football locker room at Madison County (FL) High School the words appear-“We must play the song we came on earth to play. Let us not die with our music still in us.” The quote is not really talking about music at all. It was posted to get young men to give their all and play with the strength they have and leave nothing undone.

Thank you, Dick and Linda.

Keep the music coming.