E-zine Volume 4, Issue 1

We are back!

After several months of surgeries, doctors, rehab, pills, and pain, I (Mike Moore) am back to once again, along with our  great team, share the wonders of God’s Word.

We have a solid group of writers, layout people, and others who are eager to tell readers the truths of the Bible and the things they’ve learned.

Nothing can stop the proclamation of God’s Word. The centuries have brought disease, war, bad weather, and other things. But the gospel continues to march forward. The Word goes out and is received.

Those of us at Glimpses of Grace want our readers to find assurance, learn about God’s plan for living life, and share that with others.

Our fragile bodies are able to keep going because of His grace.

Thank you, God.


Links to articles in this edition of the Glimpses Ezine:

Erase 2019 – Tanya Moore shares from her suffering how God has revealed His grace in her life through difficult times

Falling from Grace – Dick Hill’s Bible study answers the question, “Can believers fall from grace?”

Moore Thoughts – Mike Moore reflects on our times and where real peace can be found

The Piece – Jessica Moore Otto, in her “Front Porch Living,” reflects on a piece of stained glass and its significance in our lives

The Promised Land – Danny Forrest’s Kingdom Stories: Guardians of the Gospel, chapter 3

Well Said– notable quotes

Genesis Study – Dick Hill’s teachings on Genesis in audio. Join us for this exciting study!

Glimpses Conference 2020 – Due to the current pandemic, plans for a Glimpses Conference for this summer are uncertain. 



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