E-zine Volume 3, Issue 1

On to 2019

The calendar says another year has passed. We have all known good and bad in 2018. Children have been born and loved ones have passed away. There have been the private highs and lows for all of us. There have also been the world events. Now it is over, and we have begun the journey of 2019. We enter this unknown place trusting God for direction. 

We have a new beginning as 2019 arrives. We take down the tree and other decorations and move on. There are many opportunities to do good in January and February just as in the other 10 months.

There are nursing homes and lonely people and confused kids. A whole generation is growing up with poor role models – cheating athletes, sleazy entertainers and TV non-talents. We can tell people about Christ.

In this, our eight issue, we offer more helpful articles and columns. If we can be of help, please let us know.

Links to articles in this edition of the Glimpses Ezine:

Almost– King Agrippa was “almost” persuaded to believe. Where do you stand?

God’s New Year – Tanya’s Thoughts by Tanya Moore

Into the Jaws of the Beast– The action heats up in the Great Rescue, Part 5 by Danny Forrest

It is Well– History’s Stories

It’s Happening Again– by Dick Hill. The gospel is once again under siege. 

Jesus– by Mike Moore

Malnutrition– Jessica Moore Otto in her “Front Porch Living” addresses the Less and More of Christianity.

Moore Thoughts– by Mike Moore on the subject of Creativity

Nose to Nose with a Bulldozer – by Dale Crawshaw

Speech– by Kenny Hodges. A look at 2 Timothy 4:12.

This is What Unity Looks Like!– by Phil Engelman

Well Said– notable quotes

“Whom the Lord Loveth”. . .Disciplining in Love– the next installment in the Family Life series by John Howell, Jr.

You Prayed for Me– a poem by Shirley Brackett

A Glimpse of the Coming King– recently revised edition



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