E-zine Volume 2, Issue 6

Notes on the End of the Year 

It is called the holiday season. November and December give us Veterans’ Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Then January contributes New Year’s Day.

We all know that life goes on with the regular things, but these special days fit into work, church, housework, sports, raising kids, and other activities.

And we are almost at the end of 2018. It has been a year full of big events and some things which seem small. It is the time of year when newspapers, magazines, and networks name their Top Stories of the Year. Of course, God may have a different view about what is important. It is better to see things from God’s view than man’s.

Those of us who serve at Glimpses, who are seeking to bring the best, clearest, most helpful Bible teaching and information to you, ask for your prayers as we launch into our second year of publication.  We have had the assistance of many good writers and photographers. We are seeking to add additional contributors in 2019.

Be sure to check out the books we have available. They are all loaded with Scripture and help Christians understand the teachings of the Bible.

The place where we get ideas for articles and columns is God’s Word, and it will never run dry.

Links to articles in this edition of the Glimpses Ezine:

A Lesson from God’s Word– by Dick Hill. A Glimpse of Life in the Kingdom, Part 3: A Work of Faith

Are You a Disciple of Jesus?– Kenny Hodges discusses  the meaning and cost of discipleship.

Family Life– “What’s the Goal? Good Kids, Successful Kids or Godly Kids?” is the next installment in the series by John Howell, Jr.

Front Porch Living– by Jessica Moore Otto. “Thanksgiving” may not always be “happy” for everyone!

Glimpses Hits the Road– Dick Hill available for speaking engagements

Good News– The angel who announced the birth of Christ to the shepherds proclaimed “good news” that we still celebrate today.

History’s Stories– The deaths of 5 young missionaries makes us wonder along with David, “Is there not a cause?”

Kingdom Stories– by Danny Forrest. “The Race to Bozrah” is part 4 of The Great Rescue, stories leading up to the Second Coming of Christ.

Miracle Worker– a poem by John Moore.

Ministering to the Forgotten – an interview with Danny Dugan

Moore Thoughts– by Mike Moore. December is almost here. What does that mean to you?

News Briefly Glimpsed– news items that do not appear in major newspapers or magazines. Used by permission.

There is Only Christ – by Melissa Partain Moore. What does it mean to eat Christ’s body and drink His blood?

Papa’s New Body– by Linda Hill. After his death at 95, Linda reflects on a life well lived and the new body that her dad is enjoying now.

Tanya’s Thoughts– by Tanya Moore. “I thought it would be easier!”

Well Said– notable quotes

What is the Gospel? – Ken Sheppard provides a clear definition of the gospel from scripture

Christmas Special– Buy one book in November or December, get a free music CD (Just A Glimpse). Buy 2 books, get 2 free CDs (I See and Just a Glimpse.) The books and the CDs would make great gifts!




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