E-zine Volume 2, Issue 5

Getting and Sharing Info from God

Summer will soon slip into fall. The air will begin to get a little crisper. People may have hot chocolate and wear sweaters.

We are approaching the season when leaves change, and footballs fill the air and pumpkins show up. And we have Labor Day.

Our challenges and problems do not take holidays or vacations. We all face things every day of the year. So often we ask our neighbor or relative or fellow employee what they think we should do. We may consult a book or a TV personality. Just because someone can get in a costume and mouth a written script and wear makeup, as TV and movie stars do, makes them no authority on our problems. A high school coach I once had always said, “Consider the source.”

We need God and His Word.
This is our sixth issue. If you have not met us before, please take time to read our previous issues. Even if you have seen our publication before, please note that past issues are still available on our website. You will find helpful columns, articles, testimonies, and other features.

We are grateful for our contributors. In this issue, check out all of the solid material we present—and share it with friends and family. God has given us the privilege of sharing truths from the Word.

Links to articles in this edition of the Glimpses Ezine:

A Lesson from God’s Word– by Dick Hill. A Glimpse of Life in the Kingdom, Part 2: Do Business Until I Come.

Dancing Around the Law– by Peter Bauer. What does it mean that we are not under the Law but grace? Does the Law have any significance to the believer?

Family Life– “Where Do Kids Fit In?” is the next installment in the series by John Howell, Jr.

Front Porch Living– by Jessica Moore Otto. “The Summer Missions Trip” takes a look at some things you need to know before you go or send.

Glimpses of Grace Summer Report– an update on the ministries of Glimpses of Grace

Good News– Nicodemus had questions about eternal life. Jesus had answers, and they are still good news today.

Half Past– by Mike Moore. Time is slipping away!

History’s Stories– A look at the history of the Rosetta Stone

Kingdom Stories– by Danny Forrest. “Escape from Jerusalem” is part 3 ofThe Great Rescue, stories leading up to the Second Coming of Christ.

Kinsman Redeemer– poetry by Shirley Brackett

Lament and Hope– by Justin Moore. Sermon taken from Lamentations 3:22-23.

Moore Thoughts– by Mike Moore. “God’s View,” what matters is not what others think of us but how God views us.

My Testimony– Gary Cochran shares how music has played an important role in his faith in his testimony, “Serve the Lord with Gladness.”

News Briefly Glimpsed– news items that do not appear in major newspapers or magazines. Used by permission.

Tanya’s Thoughts– by Tanya Moore. What does it mean to “regard wickedness in my heart?”

Well Said– notable quotes

What’s It Gonna Take?– by Dale Crawshaw. What do I have to do to be more God-centered and less me-centered?

A Glimpse of the Chosen– book by Dick Hill challenges readers to ponder the Bible’s teaching of election, which permeates the Word of God.