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A Tribute to Mother

Guest Blogger, Linda Hill, shares a tribute to her mother who recently passed away.

April 15 has alwhandsays been a day that I dreaded to see coming. Now April 15 has a different meaning for me. It is the day that my beloved Mother met Jesus face to face! When my husband and I took on care-giving for my parents, we knew that someday this time would come. You never know how it will play out, and you are never really ready. As I sat holding her hand on that last day, I posted the thoughts that came to my mind with my Facebook friends:

I am holding the hand of the one who birthed me, fed me, gave me Toni perms, washed my clothes on a rub board, drew water from the cistern for me to drink and bathe, bathed me in a #2 washtub, nettled my legs with a peach limb when I was disobedient, taught me to look up words in the dictionary because she couldn’t spell that well (but I didn’t know that!), baked many a pound cake for the sick or bereaved, taught me to cook, iron, sew on a button, and put up vegetables and jellies from the garden, demonstrated sacrificial love, saved every letter I sent her from college, and (most important) led me to the Lord at age 6. Soon and very soon that hand will be in the nail scarred hand of her Savior as He shows her around her new dwelling place. It is hard for her to leave us (she’s been trying to go for a week now) but she will love it there.

Those words describe not only my Mother but a way of life that is slipping away. I am so grateful for my heritage and for the legacy that Mother leaves. As hundreds of family and friends paid their respects and poured out their love over the next few days, we were overwhelmed at the testimonies of what an important role Mother had played in so many lives. “She took me under her wing when. . . ” “She was the best Sunday School teacher I ever had.”  “She took us girls on a trip to the zoo and made us wear a dress and act like ladies then she took us to a nice restaurant.” And the comments went on and on.

Mother only had a high school education. She lost her husband (my father) and her own mother within a couple of weeks when she was only 35 years old. She was a single mom with no job. In a couple of years, God graciously brought us a wonderful “Papa” who sat by her side till the end. He is now 93.

In spite of all the hardships and chronic pain and illnesses (which were many in later years), I don’t remember Mother ever complaining or rationalizing why she should not be serving the Lord. She accepted her responsibilities as a bond-servant with joy. Lord, give me such a heart and passion to serve you too! Thank you for the privilege of having had a godly Mother who loved you most of all.